WMG unveils new support programme for business in the West Midlands


Free Innovation Programme for Manufacturers in the Region 

An "Innovation Programme" day for West Midlands SMEs is running again at WMG’s new ground breaking International Institute for Product and Service Innovation on 24th January.

During the day sessions are available to help SMEs understand how a range of technology and new ideas can help their business:

  • Adding Value to your Products - Discovering what capabilities are available to advance products including adding functionality to plastic parts, e.g. producing miniature, functional plastic components in a production environment, using novel shape memory polymers in combination with electronic circuits;
  • Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacturing Solutions; 
  • Customer at Centre of Innovation - How to design products and services that better respond to customer emotion and behaviour;
  • Digital tools for Business - How to benefit from the latest apps, social media and digital tools to develop new products/services and manage business processes;

Innovation is the key to business growth, and is by no means limited to just products. This support will help SMEs unlock valuable insight and potential to either improve existing products and services or develop new ones. This support day is designed for SMEs (< 250 employees < €50 million turnover) across all sectors. Free of charge, it will offer businesses the chance to talk to the WMG team about project ideas and come and spend at least one further day at a more tailored session later on in the year. There will also be networking and lunch.

To register visit: http://iipsiinnovationprog.eventbrite.com/

More information can also be found here: www.warwick.ac.uk/iipsi

The International Institute for Product and Service Innovation is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. 

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