WMG supports COVID-19 visor production for the frontline

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WMG assisted the MAN Group prototype and scale up of the manufacture of 20,000 face visors that were then donated to NHS Hospitals. C. Brandauer and Grove Design are now pivoting their business and entering the PPE sector.

Challenge [Mobilising the response]

The Manufacturing Assembly Network (MAN) Group wanted to use their collaborative manufacturing capability to produce much-needed face visors. WMG, along with the nine other MAN Group members, Alucast, Barkley Plastics, Brandauer, C-MAC SMT, Grove Design, James Lister & Sons, Kimber Mills International, Muller Holdings, PP Control & Automation and Ricor, worked together to design, test, and manufacture visors for frontline NHS workers. The Group were quick to mobilise their combined expertise and capability to deliver this vital project.

[Solution] [Passing the baton]

A prototype needed to be developed to prove the usability and functionality of the new visor. Grove Design, an industrial design specialist, quickly created the initial product digitally which WMG could then “3D print” used advanced additive layer manufacturing to produce product closely resembling the final product...

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