Medical coating manufacturer, Raleigh Coatings, improves efficiency with the help of WMG Digital Manufacturing tool kit

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Medical wound dressing manufacturers continue their WMG journey through pre-funded digital manufacturing offering, internship programme, and now an ongoing Knowledge Transfer Partnership to take their business performance to the next level.


Raleigh Coatings are one of the world-leading wound dressing and silicone gel coating manufacturers. Raleigh wanted to investigate ways to move to 100% automated inspection on their perforation process, freeing the machine operators to focus on other value-add activities, and offering a complete quality guarantee to their customers. Due to the nature of the adhesive gel, the workshop needs to be kept at a cool 5°C, making continuous, manual inspection challenging. A camera-based system seemed appropriate, but it needed to be something that could be cost-effective to cover all machines across all three of Raleigh’s lines.


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